A First Timer’s Guide To Family Cycling Vacations


Group riding can take on all tons of forms. This blog even came up with a cohesive post about it. For one, going on a cycling vacation with your family can be considered as one. Only this time, you could be riding with children and novice cyclists.

If it’s the first time you’re planning a family cycling holiday, then you’re in luck. Below are essential tips you should keep in mind.

Do your homework

Planning is key to a safe, pleasurable and unforgettable ride. It’s what’s going to prepare you for what’s ahead, what to bring and which routes are the easiest to take. Pick a place and make sure you do your homework. Find out where the nearest bike rental shops are and what the scenic spots in the area are. You should also inquire about the flat rates, low-traffic rides, age and riding abilities and limits as well as the availability of trailers and tag-alongs.

Arm everyone with the right gear

From helmets to pads, locks, and lights, be sure everyone is armed with the right safety gear. No matter how spacious or easy the trail seems to be, it’s always best to be as prepared as you can. This way, you’re assured of a much safer and peaceful ride from start to finish.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

This is a family trip, which means you must practice transparency. Before you even book a biking tour or map out a biking trail, tell your entire family about it. You shouldn’t neglect to ask them about the places they want to visit along the way. Everyone should be in the know of what’s about to happen so no one will ever have to ask, “Are we there yet?” Besides, three, four or five heads are better than one. From preparing what to bring to listing all the routes, you will need an extra hand.

Make it rewarding for everybody

This family cycling vacation should be rewarding for everyone. Whether it’s a pit stop in an ice cream parlor for your four-year-old or a trip to the museum for your teenage daughter, make sure the trip will bring a smile to everyone’s face. So while you’re planning your route with the family, take note of tourist spots that may be of interest.

Let the children lead the pace

If you’re on an easy, low-traffic route, let your children lead the pace. Allow them to experience something that could soon grow into an unwavering passion when they grow up. Plus, take this as the perfect opportunity to snap some shots! Who wouldn’t be proud of their children leading the way, right?

The goal is to have fun

Some parents who are avid cyclists may lose track of what this trip is all about: Fun. It’s not about distance, speed, endurance or difficulty. Keep in mind that you could be riding with first-time riders and children with various preferences and attention span. Everyone may be in it for different reasons but the most important thing here is for the entire family to have a blast.