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                                 Dinning Deals:

Chicago is a great gastronomic city. The problem is that the great food comes at a high cost. There are plenty of inexpensive options like Chicago style pizza, Italian beef and the Chicago hotdog. But if you want good food in a nice setting it will normally cost you. But there are some good dinning deals to be found.
Some of our favorites are:
Bistrot Margot's price fix Wednesdays-$30 gets you any appetizers, entree and dessert. Most entrees are $20-$28.
Flemming's- They offer 5 drinks, wine glasses and appetizers for $6 from 5 pm until 7 pm in the bar. The appetizers are large and 2 is more than enough food for most people.
Wildfire- Our favorite thing next to BYOB is half priced wines. On Mondays wine drinkers can save from $20-$50 per bottle.

Chicago Lakefront was created by locals as a guide for tourists and visitors. After many years of showing friends and family the sights and sounds of Chicago we decided to share our experiences with tourists by creating this site. We are within walking distance of Navy Pier, the Magnifiencent Mile, Millennium Park and many other attractions in downtown Chicago. We have visited all of the best restaurants, museums, stores and attractions listed on this site numerous times and our writing is based on personal experiences. We do not attempt to cover all of the thousands of restaurants, hundreds of hotels or myriad of sights and attractions. Instead we have narrowed down the overwhelming choices of things to do in Chicago to ones that are worth considering in an effort to make planning your visit easier. Chicago is designed to help visitors get the most out of their travels to the Windy City.


Fall in Chicago:

Chicago is a great city to visit all year long. Winter is cold but there are allot of great indoor things to do. There are great restaurants, world class museums and lots of shopping. Summer has great weather, lots of outdoor activities like biking and going to the beach. The problem is the crowds. There are people everywhere and it can be hard to just walk down the street. Spring is still cold and the weather is often cold and damp. Fall usually had nice weather, smaller crowds and cheaper hotels. It is a good time to visit but a lot of the outdoor activities, like going to Wrigley Field, have come to an end.

October however is in that sweet spot of still being nice weather but schools being back so the crowds have left. You can rent a bike and ride on the Chicago lakefront on a beautiful sunny day and not have to take your life into your hands. Lines at the museums and especially the Shedd Aquarium have gone from hours long to just a few minutes.

If you can do it October is a great time to visit this world class city.

Tight Rope Walk:

On Sunday, Nonmember 2 Nik Wallenda will walk on a tightrope across the Chicago River from one high-rise to another about 500 feet in the air. The buildings sit on State Street so standing anywhere between Michigan Ave. and Lasalle with a view of the river should offer a good view.








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