Blues and Jazz Clubs in Downtown Chicago

Blues Clubs in Chicago:

Blue Chicago- An old school blues bar in downtown Chicago. They have a solid roster of local acts. It is a tourist favorite so do not expect a lot of locals. It opens at 8:00, 7 days a week, and bands do not start playing until 9:00. Blue Chicago

Kingston Mines- The best party atmosphere of the blues clubs in Chicago. It is a short cab ride north of downtown. They have 2 stages, set in 2 separate rooms, so there is always someone playing the blues. It is the best blues club for groups who want to have a good time. The cover is $10 on Saturday and Sunday and free all other days. Kingston Mines

B.L.U.E.S.- Across the street from Kingston Mines it has a smaller club feel. It is probably the most traditional blues bar in Chicago. It is our favorite place to spend a quiet evening listing to the blues. The music starts at 9:30. Blues

Buddy Guy’s Legends- Owned by Chicago’s biggest living Blue’s legend it is the nicest of the blues clubs. It is also the most expensive, the cover is $10 except on Friday and Saturday when it is $20. Shows generally start at 9:30. It is located on the southern edge of downtown. Buddy Guy’s Legends

Jazz Clubs in Chicago:

Jazz Showcase- It moved to a bigger new location and now brings in national acts. It lacks intimacy and the only reason to go there is to listen to the jazz. There are a few good restaurants and bars close by. Roy Hargrove plays there every year between Christmas and New Years and is well worth the price of admissions.

Green Mill- An old school jazz club. It is so old school Al Capone used to go here. It is a fun place and the music is of a high quality. Located 5 miles north of downtown. Green Mill Jazz

Andy’s- Located in the heart of River North. The have a wide variety of acts and several bands play every night. The opening bands play at 5:00 so you do not have to stay up late to hear jazz. Andy’s Jazz Club

Chicago Symphony Center- Okay is not a jazz club but they have international renowned bands play there 10 times a year. It is a more formal and stayed affair but the music is usually great. The past has seen both of the Marsalis and many a jazz legend. Chicago Symphony